Lady Gaga Concert Preview

Not many artists have made a bigger splash onto the pop music scene lately that 23-year-old Lady Gaga. Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta in New York, she was discovered by rapper Akon after he heard her sing and convinced Interscope records to sign her.

Her debut album “The Fame” was released in the fall of 2008 and has been on the charts almost continuously since. It is one of those rare pop albums that have received both critical acclaim and commercial success. Her music has made her a star around the globe. Single after single from the album went one to become number one hits internationally. “Just Dance”, “Poker Face”, “Paparazzi”, and “LoveGame” were all huge hits.

Besides the music a big part of Lady Gaga’s appeal is the way she looks and her live performances. Inspired by such artists as Madonna, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, and Queen, her live show is truly something to behold. You never know what this lady has got up her sleeve and her bag of tricks seems bottomless. Fashion has been an essential part of her as an artist and her wild wardrobe and on stage costumes have caught the public’s eye and imagination. Operating in an Andy Warhol-like way she created the Haus of Gaga – a collective which collaborates on her costumes, stage sets and sound.

Her second album Born This Way will be released in May of this year, but two singles, “Born This Way” and “Judas” have already been released.  “Born this Way” is being performed on this leg of the tour.

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-Ticket Purchase:

-Ticket Prices:  $63.00, $98.50, $192.50

-Show Time:  8:00 p.m.

-Opening Act:  Semi-Precious Weapons

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