Machete – Blu-ray Edition

Director Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Once Upon a Time in Mexico) seems to be on the eternal quest to make a film that is the perfect grindhouse, drive-in and B movie all rolled into one.  The ultimate quest to make a film that is so bad that it is good.

Machete (Danny Trejo – Grindhouse, From Dusk Till Dawn) is a federale who is set up and double crossed then left for dead.  When he recovers he wants revenge on those who tried to use then kill him.  While cutting his path through those who have wronged him he takes on vigilantes, hitmen, members of the drug cartel, and even politicians.  No one is safe from Machete and his wrath.

Danny Trejo is perfect in his anti-hero role as it doesn’t ask him to talk very much.  He just grunts and kicks ass.  Totally in his wheelhouse!  His grunts, sneers and steely looks are just right.

Typical B-movie in that it has plenty of violence and exploitation.  If you are looking for a subtle film that actually has a story that makes sense then keep looking.  There are parts of this film that are so convoluted that I couldn’t even begin to explain them to you.  If you want mindless, but violent fun then don’t pass go and do rent/buy this film.  It is a parody of a parody of a parody.  A whole lotta fun if you are in the right mood.

Keep eyes peeled for Cheech Marin, Don Johnson, Robert De Niro, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, and Steven Segal.

Special Features:

-Audience Reaction Track

-Deleted Scenes

-Theatrical Trailer

-Theatrical Trailer (Red Band)

-Digital Copy

-Sneak Peek of The A-Team, Street Kings 2, Twelve

-Live Extras.

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