The Backyardigans: Join the Adventurers Club

The Backyardigans are loved by all kids, boys and girls, of a certain age – 1-6. They are colourful and fun. What’s not to like?

Episode 1: Follow the Feather: Tyrone and the Adventurer’s Club for a feather following adventurer to find the only polka-dotted pony, Psychedelic Rock.

Episode 2: Dragon Express: The Dragon Express makes it mail deliveries in Norway and Dragon Rider Austin tries to become fancy flier like Pablo.

Episode 3: The Funnyman Boogeyman: Pablo and Uniqua are part of The Boo Crew and they are searching for spooky creatures.

Episode 4: Flower Power: Uniqua injures her finger on a thorn and then becomes a superhero dubbed Flower Girl.

Special Features: Team Umizoom: Theme Song, Team Umizoom: Snack Pattern Song

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