Malajube – La Caverne

Montreal’s alt rockers Malajube’s fourth album was recorded somewhere in the woods of the Laurentians and this secluded environment allowed them to really focus on making the music they wanted.  It is an album filled with lyrics about obsession (whether they are singing about love or other subjects) and music that is geared towards hipsters.  Cool dance rhythms and some synthesizers are coupled with lead singer Julien Mineau creepy/spooky vocal style.  Things have changed a little for these alt rockers as they have given us a more dance friendly album this time around.  It is catchy and filled with plenty of great hooks.  Different from their previous albums but definitely more accessible.  Their previous albums challenged you whereas this one invites you in.  The twice Polaris (top 10 albums in Canada) nominated group are attempting to bring themselves to the masses.  Some will love them for it while some will resent it and see them as sell outs.

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