5 Spring 2011 Hair Trends

Spring is the time that animals come out of hibernation, students are thinking forward to summer and the weather is finally getting warmer.  It is also the time that new fashions come out and hair trends change.  Nothing changes your look like a new do.  What is hot for spring are things that can change things slightly or completely alter your look.  Plus they are not too hard to do. Here are five new styles that you’ll be seeing on many a head this spring:

1) Soft Waves: Texture transforms that way you look.  To get full waves spritz damp roots with a volumizer and blow-dry using a round brush. Next curl small sections with a medium sized iron not touching the ends. Scrunch with some pomade and blend it in with a wide-tooth comb.  If you want pin straight hair and need extra hold then hairspray each curl while still warm from the iron.

2) Fashion-Week Do: A great style if you have no time to shampoo.  Apply some gel to dry hair and then smooth it back with a fine-toothed comb. Put on a wide cotton headband to keep hair in place while you curl it back with a small curling iron.  Afterwards brush through curls for volume and take off the headband.  Then add pins to hold hair back if needed.  For an even bigger look tease the bottom layers.

3) Swingy + Straight: Flat but not too flat. On damp hair spritz on some volumizer and make a center part. Take one-inch sections from the front and the crown with a round brush and blow-dry from roots to ends.  Do same to bigger pieces in the back. Finish with a shine spray.  If you have thick hair then use smoothing cream not volumizer and blow-dry half-inch sections.

4) The Quick Slick Back: Use gel and sleek and anti-frizz serum and run it through damp hair.  Slick hair back with brush or comb.  Then, if you want, you can put it in a bun or a low ponytail.  If your hair is curly, blow-dry just the ends to start then use a hair band to calm frizz near hairline.

5) Rock ‘n Roll Bedhead: Spritz volumizer on damp hair and part it in the center. Take one-inch sections and wind them loosely around the barrel of a round brush. Next blow-dry to get a bit of a wave. For some volume, spritz dry shampoo onto roots after you are finished blow-drying. Run hands through the hair to distribute product and create texture. Use some hairspray to set.

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