Steve Hackett – Live Rails

Steve Hackett joined Genesis in 1971 and then left the band in 1977.  He has gone on to forge his own musical career – solo.  He has released 14 solo albums over the next 35 years.  His latest is called Steel Rails and was recorded live.  A well respected guitar player, Hackett has performed with the London Chamber Orchestra and as a member of the Guitar Wars tour along with Mr. Big’s Paul Gilbert, Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones and Extreme’s Nuno Bettencourt.  Over the course of his solo career, he has proven himself to be a true artist rather than one who chases commercial success.

When Steve Hackett plays you know it’s him without seeing him do it.  In other words, he has a distinctive style that is all his own.  During his 2009/10 tour this album was recorded in New York, London and there was so much material that it became a double album.  His band is quite tight sounding and his guitar playing is complex and sublime.  He picks tracks from his solo work and from his time with Genesis.  Mixes vocal and instrumental pieces and gives the listener a nice mélange of tempos and styles.

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