The LXD: The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers

Dancers as super heroes?  Not sure about the premise but the dancing sure is interesting in this television series.  The premise is that a group of ordinary young people discover that they have superpowers when then dance and are united by the LXD to help win the war for good against evil.

Season One: The Uprising Begins

Chapter One: The Tale of Trevor Drift: Trevor’s (played by Luis Rosado) father is very protective of him.  When he is a young boy he discovers he can dance.  Goes to prom against his father’s wishes and starts dancing. Afterwards he is recruited by LXD.

Chapter Two: Antigravity Heroes: Two teenage boys are fooling around in an abandoned warehouse. One falls into a box.  He discovers he now has great dancing powers.  The other goes into the box and the same thing happens.  LXD only recruits one of them.

Chapter Three: Robot Love Story: A man wakes up in a hospital.  A nurse shows him how to control his twitches by robot dancing. In actuality she is part of a plot to betray him.  Wracked with guilt she saves him from the dark nurse, who is going to kill him.  She leaves him not telling him about the set up.  He flees.

Chapter Four: The Uprising Begins: Mr. Spex (played by Ricardo Steelo Vasquez) gets a gift of plane tickets to Paris from his wife.  A new guy named Tendo (played by Oscar Orosco) begins his first day.  Everyone goes home for the day.  Mr. Spex and Tendo have a dance off at the office.  Mr. Spex wins but finds a piece of paper in Tendo’s pocket that says, “uprising begins.”  He then gets a call from his wife who has been kidnapped.

Chapter Five: The Lettermakers: The Lettermakers send out a courier with recruitment letters.

Chapter Six: Duet: Katana (played by William Wingfield) and Ninjato (played by Galen Hooks) awake separately.  They each read a letter that the other has left them then meet up on the street.  They then go to meet the other members of LXD.

Chapter Seven: The Dark Doctor Deal: Autumn (played by Marie Medina) is reprogrammed by the Dark Doctor (played by John Nelson) to fulfill her end of the deal.

Chapter Eight: Elliot’s Shoes: After hearing a noise Elliot (played by Harry Shum Jr.) finds a pair of silver hightop Pumas behind his wall. He puts them on, they fit and falls asleep.  While still asleep the shoes come alive to music.

Chapter Nine: Fanboyz: The video club at Trevor Drift’s school decides to make an audition video to try to get into LXD.  Only the real believers are recruited.

Chapter Ten: I Seen a Man: A blind man speaks of a man who is distracted from doing and accomplishing what he can. And what he can do is dance.

Season Two: Secrets of Ra:

Chapter Eleven: The Legion: Those recruited travel to a place where beyond the gate they find a school.  They then follow the librarian to the East Wing.  There they find dancers training. Apex greets them and tells them their training will begin shortly.  He then shows them that their dancing creates and energy called Ra.  Ra can defend the Earth against evil.

Chapter Twelve: Lessons: The new recruits training begins.  They also have undercover jobs at the high school.  They all begin to work their way up from beginner level to extraordinary. Spex and Trevor that they are brothers and they are from a long line of LXD leaders.

Chapter Thirteen: Rising: The Ox attack and take over sailors on a ship.

Chapter Fourteen: The Mark of the Ox: Jimmy Angel (played by Travis Wong) is recruited by the Ox. He goes through the initiation and is now called Shado.  They play to kill off every member of LXD.

Chapter Fifteen: Tails of War: While Trevor is off on a secret rendezvous with Alice (played by Carly Lang) the other guys go off to a club to find their own girls. They soon find some that are nothing but trouble.

Chapter Sixteen: The Greater of Two Evils: The Dark Doctor gets to a statue in the museum before the Ox. Each group wants it. Dance off ensues.  The Dark Doctor’s group is triumphant.

Chapter Seventeen: Origins:  Dark Doctor as a young boy.  His father is a scientist.  He sneaks into his dad’s lab and gets some energy manipulation dust on himself.  Now he has the power to affect his environment with just a thought. An accident happens and young Jasper is caught in it.  His mother and father sacrifice their lives to save him.

Chapter Eighteen: Experiments: Jasper is grown up and wants vengeance. He has become the Dark Doctor and plans to create the perfect army. He conducts experiments on psychiatric patients.

Chapter Nineteen: The Good, the Bad and the Ra, Part One: Spex and Katana, two old friends who have let something come between them, have to work together to get back the woman they both love, Ninjato, from Ox. Spex gathers the new recruits and prepares for a showdown. The fight takes place in a saloon of the old west.

Chapter Twenty: The Good, the Bad and the Ra, Part Two: The showdown continues inside and outside the saloon. LXD is losing the battle and Spex is captured. Then the LXD elders come into town forcing Ox to leave. The LXD leave town as a defeated group.

Special Features: The LXD: Building the Legion

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