Dotsun Moon – 4am

Getting a lot out of a little is what Dotsun Moon is all about.  Minimalism is the fancy word for it.  If you dig bands like Cocteau Twins, Massive Attack and Portishead then you’ll go for Dotsun Moon.  Their sound is a mixture of post-punk and trip hop and 90s. Continue Reading

The Dilemma

“Great moments are born out of great opportunities” is a line oft used in this film.  And I’m thinking of suing the makers of the film for non-fulfillment of promises.  There was an opportunity for….well…not great moments, but a decent film and they did not take advantage of the opportunities.  Continue Reading

Fast Five

The next chapter of the blockbuster franchise “Fast & the Furious” is back with more cool cars, high speed chases and brings back some former cast members along with a few new faces as well. The movie is filled with action packed sequences and a few surprises. Dom (Vin Diesel) Continue Reading