The Dora the Explorer show has been a hit for many years now.  Parents like it because it encourages youngsters to think and kids like it because it is interactive asking for their participation by shouting out answers to help the heroine save the day.

This series of shows features Map, a map that helps Dora and her friends reach the destinations they need to get to on their adventures.  When you need help and are not sure where to go it is Map to the rescue.

Episode 1: Lost Map: A Goody Bird believes Map is a stick and brings him to its nest on top of Tallest Mountain. Dora and Boots now need your help to draw a map in order to rescue Map.

Episode 2: Super Map: In order to get home in time for a super-surprise Dora and Boots need Maps’ help with directions and to stop Swiper.

Episode 3: Three Little Piggies: The Three Little Piggies have left their pen and Dora and Boots need to find them before Swiper gets his hands on their blue ribbons.

Episode 4: Lost and Found: After finding a lost baby Blue Bird Dora and Boots have to figure out a way to get her back to her mommy in the Little Blue Tree.

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