The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: The Complete Sixth Season

Before Will Smith was a big movie star he was the star of his own television show.  The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was about a teenage boy from Philadelphia who got into a little trouble and one fight causing his mother to send him to live with her sister and her family in Bel-Air, California. Comedy based on one-liners and pratfalls is young, silly and harmless.  Will Smith was like the Lucille Ball of the young black community with his over-the-top physical comedy style.

This is the last season of the series.  Keep your eyes peeled for guest appearances by Chris Rock, Wayne Newton, Dick Clark, and William Shatner.

Episode 1: Burnin’ Down the House: Will (played by Will Smith) wants to learn how to flambé, but he just ends up burning down the kitchen on the night that Uncle Phil (played by James Avery) has an important guest coming for dinner.

Episode 2: Get a Job: Will has to date the ugly sister (played by Chris Rock) of a hot comedian (played by Chris Rock) so Hilary (played by Karyn Parsons) can have him as a guest on her show.

Episode 3: Stress Related: Aunt Viv (played by Janet Hubert) throws away everyone’s tasty foods and substitutes it with tofu and rice cakes.

Episode 4: Bourgie Sings the Blues: When Carlton (played by Alfonso Ribeiro) cannot be found Will steps in for him at his interview for Princeton.

Episode 5: The Script Formerly Known As: It doesn’t turn out great when Will books one of the jurors from Uncle Phil’s Show-Biz Madam case for Hilary’s show.

Episode 6: Not, I Barbecue: Will and Carlton’s double date does not end well when Will’s date’s boyfriend, a huge man, arrives looking for some heads to crack.

Episode 7: Not With My Cousin You Don’t: Will and Carlton don’t know what to do after they overhear Ashley (played by Tatyana Ali) talking about having sex.

Episode 8: Viva Lost Wages: Carlton and Will go to Vegas where Carlton loses big at the tables.

Episode 9: There’s the Rub. Part 1: Carlton and Hilary learn an important lesson after volunteering at a homeless shelter.

Episode 10: There’s the Rub, Part 2: Will and Uncle Phil are arrested at a massage parlor.

Episode 11: I, Ooh, Baby, Baby: Hilary’s show gets its national premiere.

Episode 12: Boxing Helena: A female boxing instructor damages Will’s ego when she knocks him out in the ring.

Episode 13: I, Clownins: A clown takes Will, Carlton and Uncle Phil hostage after her threatens to blow every one up.

Episode 14: Breaking Up is Hard to Do, Part 1: Uncle Philip decides to go into politics and Aunt Viv leaves him.

Episode 15: Breaking Up is Hard to Do, Part 2: Uncle Phil is very unhappy without Aunt Viv.

Episode 16: I, Bowl Buster: Carlton is accepted by Princeton but he drops the bomb of announcing that he is not going and is becoming a professional bowler.

Episode 17: The Butler’s Son Did It: Geoffrey (played by Joseph Marcell) is surprised then ecstatic when he discovers he has a son.

Episode 18: Hare Today: The family minister is attracted to Aunt Viv.

Episode 19: I, Whoops, There It Is: The Fresh Prince blooper episode.

Episode 20: I, Stank Horse: An aging racehorse is set to be slaughter, so Carlton and Hilary step in.

Episode 21: I, Stank Hole in One: Hilary is the guest host when Kathie Lee Gifford goes on vacation and Will steps in for Carlton at a golf tournament.

Episode 22: Eye, Tooth: William Shatner, hopped up on happy gas after a trip to the dentist, is set to be a guest on Hilary’s show.

Episode 23: I, Done, Part 1: Uncle Phil puts the mansion up for sale and everyone has a place to go except for Will.

Episode 24: I, Done, Part 2: The Banks sell the mansion to the Jeffersons and everyone goes their separate ways.

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