Jeans have been around forever.  They are most people’s go to material for comfort and style.  Here are some new looks for everyone’s favourite material.  The looks are relaxed, sporty and retro.

1) The New Overalls: Classic and all-American. Being in style doesn’t need to be intimidating. You can make the look sexy by wearing a tank top and bright heels along with it.

2) Sexy Camp Shirt: This narrow-cut shirt follows your shape. Pair it with motorcycle boots, leather jacket, a blazer or even stilettos.

3) High-Waisted Miniskirt: Proves that denim is all-purpose. You can belt it and pair it with a long top that pokes out of the bottom of it.

4) Wide White Jeans: Flares and boot-cuts are back in style. Make sure you get a good fit on hips for balance.

5) Coveralls: A masculine piece that you can glam up with chunky necklaces and bright red lipstick.

6) Bleachy Pieces: Very laid back. Look for supersoft washes and bleached-out colours. Layer at will. A hot look is cutting the sleeves off a vintage men’s jean jacket.