The Lucy Show: The Official Fourth Season

Television’s favourite redhead continues with her usual amount of hijinx, crazy schemes and hilarity. This season she has moved to Southern California and soon discovers, much to her dismay and his, that she will still have to deal with Mr. Mooney, as he works at the bank she has deposited her money in. Her kids are off at school so that means more time for Lucy to get in trouble.  Bad news for everyone.

Episode 1: Lucy at Marineland: Lucy (played by Lucille Ball) is now living in Southern California and asks Mr. Mooney (played by Gale Gordon) to escort her and her son to Marineland in order to get Jimmy Piersall’s autograph for Jerry (played by Jimmy Garrett).

Episode 2: Lucy and the Golden Greek: Lucy’s new friend Mary Jane (played by ) sets up a blind date for her with a shy single guy named Howie (played by Howard Morris).

Episode 3: Lucy in the Music World: Lucy gets a job as a secretary at a record company but has aspirations to work as a talent scout.

Episode 4: Lucy and Joan: Joan (played by Joan Blondell), Lucy’s new neighbour, gets her two tickets to a glamorous charity ball.

Episode 5: Lucy and the Stunt Man: Lucy disguises herself and takes a job as a Hollywood stuntman after Mr. Mooney refuses to advance her money to buy a fur coat.

Episode 6: Lucy and the Countess Have a Horse Guest: Countess Framboise (played by Ann Sothern) is back and with her Oil Well, a racehorse left to her by her husband.

Episode 7: Lucy Helps Danny Thomas: Lucy starts working part-time as Mr. Mooney’s secretary and has trouble with her first assignment.

Episode 8: Lucy Helps the Countess: The Countess starts working as a real estate agent and wants Mr. Mooney as her first client.

Episode 9: Lucy and the Sleeping Beauty: Lucy’s date is exhausted after working 2 straight days and is afraid to fall asleep as due to his army training if he is suddenly woken up he will attack.

Episode 10: Lucy, the Undercover Agent: After watching a James Bond movie, Mr. Mooney, Lucy and the Countess are convinced that two men they see at a restaurant are spies.

Episode 11: Lucy and the Return of Iron Man: Lucy accidentally tears up Mr. Mooney’s winning ticket at the racetrack.

Episode 12: Lucy Saves Milton Berle: Milton Berle, who is preparing for a role as a skid row bum, goes to the soup kitchen Lucy, Mr. Mooney and Mary Jane (played by Mary Jane Croft) are volunteering at.

Episode 13: Lucy, the Choir Master: It is the Christmas holiday and Lucy convinces Mr. Mooney to allow her son Jerry and his boys’ choir to sing Christmas carols in the lobby of the bank.

Episode 14: Lucy Discovers Wayne Newton: Lucy discovers a singing farm boy (played by Wayne Newton) and has Mr. Mooney set up an audition for him.

Episode 15: Lucy, the Rain Goddess: While trying to find Mr. Mooney who is on vacation at a dude ranch, Lucy is mistaken by Indians as a rain goddess.

Episode 16: Lucy and Art Linkletter: While at an Art Linkletter television program, Lucy is selected to potentially win some money if she can not speak one sound for 24 hours.

Episode 17: Lucy Begs a Bargain: In order to pay for a dinette set that she wants Lucy has to take a job at the store.

Episode 18: Lucy Meets Mickey Rooney: Mickey Rooney gets a loan from the bank in order to open an acting school and Lucy and Mr. Mooney are his first students.

Episode 19: Lucy and the Soap Opera: After Lucy finds out that her neighbour who stars on her favourite soap opera is about to be killed off she springs into action.

Episode 20: Lucy Goes to a Hollywood Premiere: Lucy who dearly wants to go to the premiere of a film will do anything to be there.

Episode 21: Lucy Dates Dean Martin: Dean Martin steps in without Lucy knowing when his stunt double cannot go on a date he’s made with her.

Episode 22: Lucy and Bob Crane: Bob Crane asks Lucy out on a date and things go well until Mr. Mooney forces Iron Man Carmichael (played by Lucille Ball) out of retirement.

Episode 23: Lucy, the Robot: Lucy accidentally destroys the robot her inventor friend has created that was supposed to entertain Mr. Mooney’s bratty nephew.

Episode 24: Lucy and Clint Walker: Lucy tries to secretly take her boyfriend Frank’s (played by Clint Walker) measurements so she can knit him a sweater for his birthday.

Episode 25: Lucy, the Gun Moll: Because she looks exactly like a recently released gangster’s girlfriend, federal agents make Lucy impersonate her with the hopes of recovering some stolen loot.

Episode 26: Lucy, the Superwoman: After a computer falls on Mr. Mooney Lucy develops superhuman strength due to a stuck adrenalin gland.

Special Features: Lucy: Behind the Scenes, Meet the Thompsons, Original Broadcasts, Guest Cast, Production Notes, Photo Gallery, Beatrice Foods Presentation, Promo, Daytime Bumper, The Magic of Broadcasting, Wonderful World of Burlesque, Gale Gordon Holiday Messages, Meet Milt Josefsberg

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