As it is Mother’s Day I thought I would make a list that is a tribute to all mothers and women out there.  Here are 10 things that every woman should have:

1) A Statement Bag: Every the plainest outfit can be jazzed up with a statement bag. Even a simple outfit like jeans and a tank top can look great with a fantastic bag on your arm. The good thing about a statement bag is that it, unlike other accessories, tends to go with everything. A bag is not just for hauling stuff around in; it’s an important part of your outfit. Let your bag speak on its own for you.

2) A Cheesy 80’s Film Marathon in Bed: The 80s were filled with cheesiness. Hair, clothes, Rubix cubes, or leg warmers just to name a few. What was most unforgettable about the era was the films. The films of that decade still resonate with people today. Rent or download films like “Airplane”, “Caddyshack”, “Xanadu”, “Sixteen Candles”, “Footloose”, “The Breakfast Club”, and “Pretty in Pink”. Assemble your snacks and get under the covers.

3) One Person They Can Call at 3 a.m.: Your emotions and life are not governed by the clock. They don’t know that it is too late to speak to someone. All of us should have one person we can call at 3:00 in the morning if we need to talk. Whether you are in pain or just want to share emotions you need to feel like there is someone special you can call no matter the time.

4) A Few Beach Days Every Year: The water. The sand. A place to breath freely. The stunning sense of freedom. Your senses being stimulated. Lying in the sand getting a tan. All of us love it. We crave it. It helps us deal with the trials a tribulations of our hectic lives. Sand, blue water and being close enough to it not to have to take a car to get to it. A few days a year is all we need. It is not asking for too much.

5) An Animal Who Loves Sitting on Your Lap: An animal sitting on your lap represents love and trust. Unconditional. It teaches up about humility, empathy and loyalty. They have bonded with you. It is a great feeling. For them the lap is safe, warm and comfortable. Cherish the moments of closeness.

6) Fresh Flowers Once a Week: Have you ever wondered why women love flowers? Is it the romance? Receiving them means someone is thinking of you? Because they are part of nature? I think it is the last reason. Having fresh flowers around is like having a piece of the outside world inside. They make you think of a sunny day and the bright blue sky. Just looking at them can turn a crappy day into a much better one.

7) An Excellent Profile Picture: With social media being all the rage a profile picture is becoming more and more important. We are being judged by those little thumbnail photos on Facebook. If you are using that profile picture on online dating sites then it becomes even more important. Your profile is important but the photo is what first attracts potential suitors.

8) Shinier Hair, Plumper Lips or Thicker Eyelashes for a Low Price: These are three of the things that women wish for.  And if the price is right…

9) More Than a Square Foot of Room on Public Transportation: It is right in the name.  Mass transportation is all about transporting the masses. It gets crowded. People jammed in a bus or metro like sardines in a can. All a girl wants is a little space to breathe fresh air and not what the person beside them ate for breakfast.

10) Love That You Can Feel From Far Away: Intimacy. Commitment. Connection. Lives that are deeply intertwined. Once you get to the stage of secure attachment then distance between the two won’t matter. Being apart won’t decrease your sense of feeling love and feeling that love across the distance will actually feel great.