Game of Death

The man does have back taxes that he owes, so it is understandable that he takes any work that he can get.  It is understandable that he does B movies.  Even though it is a lower budget B action film it is not as bad as some of the schlock that Wesley Snipes has done lately.  Not a glowing recommendation, I know, but it’s better than nothing.

Secret Ops Agent Marcus Jones (Wesley Snipes – Blade, Demolition Man) goes undercover as a bodyguard for an arms dealer named Frank Smith (Robert Davi – Die Hard, The Goonies).  While driving in the car Smith has a heart attack.  At the hospital Jones and Smith, who is basically incapacitated, are attacked by the CIA.  Agents Zander (Gary Daniels – The Expendables), Floria (Zoe Bell – Inglorious Basterds, Kill Bill) and others are looking to kill Smith.  Despite the fact that he is heavily outnumbered Jones will try to stop them.

Snipes plays his character as a total straight guy who does not even crack a smile.  Dedicated to his job.  Also eludes to his competence.  The action takes place in confined spaces and is of the cat-and-mouse variety.  Who is the hunter and who is the prey flip flops often.

What does bring the film down considerably is the dialogue.  Once the action stops and the characters start talking you begin to hope that they wouldn’t.  Less talk and more ass kicking is the advice I would give director Giorgio Serafini.

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