South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season

Controversy has always followed this Trey Parker and Matt Stone animated series around from day one.  Season fourteen was something entirely different. The two creators dared this season to do a Tom Cruise is gay/Muslim episode. Talk about your powder keg of subjects! As a result it was heavily censored. That unfortunately is the version of the episode we get to see on the DVD as well. Unlike many animated shows, even those aimed at adults, South Park has always tackled important and controversial subjects. There is no shy away in Parker and Stone whether it is terrorists, religion or sex. They also manage to make these issues funny.

Episode 1: Sexual Healing: The people of the United States are looking for reasons why celebrities are either cheating on their spouses or become sex addicts. While the residents are all up in a tizzy it is revealed that two of the South Park youngsters are sex addicts themselves.

Episode 2: The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs: The boys are inspired to write their own controversial piece of classic literature after they read a banned book in class.

Episode 3: Medicinal Fried Chicken: In order to get his hands on some medicinal marijuana Randy radiates his testicles.

Episode 4: You Have 0 Friends: Stan and Kyle friendship is tested when Kyle “friends” the wrong person and everyone abandons him.

Episode 5: 200, Part 1: Stan accidentally pisses of Tom Cruise while on a school field trip and now 200 previously ridiculed celebrities band together to sue the city of South Park.

Episode 6: 200, Part 2: Negotiations, led by Muhammad, are going on to save South Park, but the important question is will we finally find out who Eric Cartman’s father is?

Episode 7: Crippled Summer: Jimmy, Timmy and Nathan all go to a “special” summer camp.

Episode 8: Poor and Stupid: Cartman will do whatever it takes to fulfill his lifelong dream of joining NASCAR.

Episode 9: It’s a Jersey Thing: Everything east of the Rockies is now considered New Jersey and South Park is in danger of becoming West Jersey.

Episode 10: Insheeption: A visit to the school counselor makes Stan realize he is not the only person with a problem.

Episode 11: Coon 2: Hindsight, Part 1: Now all the kids in South Park have super hero alter egos.

Episode 12: Mysterion Rises, Part 2: Coon and friends try to solve the Gulf crisis.

Episode 13: Coon vs. Coon & Friends, Part 3: Coon goes after his former friends and Kenny begins to see his super powers as a burden.

Episode 14: Crème Fraiche: Stan’s life at home and at school is in the toilet and Randy’s become obsessed with the Food Network.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Bonus Episode: The Coon

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