Dora the Explorer: It’s Haircut Day!

Go through some firsts with Dora like first haircut, first birthday and first time riding flying horse Pegaso.

Episode 1: Dora’s Hair-Raising Adventure: Boots needs to get a haircut so he can look good for his mother’s birthday picture.

Episode 2: Baby Winky Comes Home!: Dora and Boots have to get Baby Winky back to his family’s spaceship before they take off to return to the Purple Planet.

Episode 3: Happy Birthday, Super Babies: The Super Babies’ first birthday is nearing and they partner up with Dora, Boots and you to stop the cake-grabbing bear from stealing the birthday cakes.

Episode 4: Dora’s Pegaso Adventure: Dora and Boots get on Pegaso the flying horse constellation in order to bring his friends back to the moon before the sun rises.

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