k.d. lang and the Siss Boom Bang – Sing it Loud

This is the first album that k.d. Lang has made with a band in a long time.  20 years long.  The album was recorded in Nashville in an old fashioned (read: with little touching up or retakes) kind of way.  Because the songs were all recorded in a live kind of way you can feel the life in them.

A totally romantic tone is set by the songs and Lang’s voice right from the get go.  Each song no matter the sound is quitessentially k.d.  That voice!!  What else can you say about it?  It is powerful, tender, rich, a beautiful tone, nuanced, conveys emotion, and soulful.

Stylewise k.d. has returned to her roots somewhat on the album.  If you like country roots then take a listen to this.  It is not exactly the firmly country sound she did at the beginning of her career, but it is probably as close as the fans are going to get.  And it is marvellous! Enjoy it while you can get it.

Filled with original songs written by members of Miss Lang’s band as well as the woman with the great voice herself.  There is also a sparkling cover of the Talking Heads’ “Heaven”.

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