Architects UK/Dead and Divine Concert Preview

After trying out a couple of names the four guys in this band formed in 2004 decided upon architects uk.  They are only known as Architects UK (the UK part, anyways) here in North America as in Europe they just go by Architects.  They have played plenty of independent music festivals as well as playing with Faith No More, Paramore, Placebo, Atreyu, and Jane’s Addiction.  Having been slotted into the hardcore/metalcore categories, the quintet is considered to be a leader on the metal scene in England.

At this show Architects UK will be supported by Burlington, Ontario metalcore band, Dead and Divine.  Formed in 2003, the band is known for their ferocious sound.  Fall City Fall and Counterparts are also slated to perform.

Additional Information:

-Websites: and

-Venue:  251 Ste. Catherine East

-Ticket Purchase:  At venue

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