Go Diego Go!: Great Panda Adventure

Help Diego and Baby Jaguar rescue animals all over the world. In these adventures kids will get to travel to China, Australia, Madagascar, and the Canadian Rockies.

Episode 1: All Aboard the Giant Panda: Help Diego and Baby Jaguar locate a family of pandas in China and transport them to their new home on Bamboo Mountain.

Episode 2: Leaping Lemurs!: Diego and Baby Jaguar try to help Sifaka Lemur find her family in Madagascar.

Episode 3: Koala’s Birthday Hug: Diego needs help to bring home Joey the koala so that he can get his birthday hug from his mommy.

Episode 4: Diego Save the Beavers: A giant wave threatens some beavers and other animals in the Canadian Rockies. In order to save them Diego and Billy the beaver have to learn to work together.

Special Features: Fresh Beat Band “Great Day”, Fresh Beat Band “Loco Legs”

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