Help Diego and Baby Jaguar rescue animals all over the world. In these adventures kids will get to travel to China, Australia, Madagascar, and the Canadian Rockies.

Episode 1: All Aboard the Giant Panda: Help Diego and Baby Jaguar locate a family of pandas in China and transport them to their new home on Bamboo Mountain.

Episode 2: Leaping Lemurs!: Diego and Baby Jaguar try to help Sifaka Lemur find her family in Madagascar.

Episode 3: Koala’s Birthday Hug: Diego needs help to bring home Joey the koala so that he can get his birthday hug from his mommy.

Episode 4: Diego Save the Beavers: A giant wave threatens some beavers and other animals in the Canadian Rockies. In order to save them Diego and Billy the beaver have to learn to work together.

Special Features: Fresh Beat Band “Great Day”, Fresh Beat Band “Loco Legs”