how to make2…Fun:  Try something exciting out of bed. When you try something new it drives up dopamine and testosterone levels, which are both linked to sex drive.  In bed, touch each other everywhere except the obvious places. Touch without having sex.

…Mind-Blowing: Make out more. The reason: the woman gets a dose of testosterone from the man’s saliva. More testosterone equals more arousal. Repeated kissing over a period of time could raise a woman’s libido.

…Spontaneous: Instead of the usual Saturday night out go to bed early, relax all morning, read the paper in bed, nap for a bit then fool around all afternoon.

…Satisfying: Keep your head in the game. Take 10 minutes to relax after your day. In order to rev back up you have to calm down. Go to the bathroom first. If you’re worrying about it you’re not going to let yourself go. Make sure the position is right. If not try it a little to the left or right.

…Emotional: While talking take a few seconds and just look into your partner’s eyes. Don’t just have sex in bed but also talk.