Paramount has rereleased a whole bunch of Go Diego Go! And Dora the Explorer DVDs that now include a French track, so they can be enjoyed by French speakers in their native tongue.

Episode 1: Welcome Home Lion Cub: Diego and Baby Jaguar travel to Africa to help Daddy Lion and his family get back to their pride in time for Lion Cub’s party.

Episode 2: Diego’s Ringed Seal Rescue:  In the Arctic Diego has to get Baby Ringed Seal back to the Ringed Seal Rescue Home.

Episode 3: Diego Reunites Hippopotamus and Oxpecker: Hippopotamus is moving to his new home at Hippo Lake and he needs Diego’s help to rescue his friend Oxpecker, who is trapped back at the Old River.

Episode 4: Diego’s Orangutan Rescue: In Borneo Baby Orangutan is swept away in a canoe by a rapid river and so it is up to Diego and Big Sister Orangutan to save him.