Paul Simon – So Beautiful or So What

After Simon & Garfunkel, Paul Simon’s solo career has been one of success after success.  His 1986 Graceland album brought him commercial success and Grammy Awards.  The love Simon’s fans have felt for his music has not diminished any since the 1960s.  His most recent album (his 12th solo album) has been eagerly anticipated.  Though it is a modern sounding work it retains that 60s sensibility of setting poetic lyrics to music.

After almost 50 years in the music industry Simon has retained the ability to make music that is completely unique sounding.  He uses non-traditional instruments like the West African stringed kora and the djembe drum.  If you listen carefully you will hear the grunting of wildebeests in the background and part of a 1941 speech by Reverend J.M. Gates. Never one to play it safe, Simon’s gut is always right.  This is a truly international album embracing many different sounds.

The emotions of the songs are contagious.  Like the singer you will feel happy and peaceful.  Inquisitive and intelligent.  Serious and cheerful.  Loose and relaxed.  Unsentimental and moving.  Each song takes the listener on a musical journey that will keep you totally entranced.

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