Dinosaur Train: Dino-Mighty Music

Aimed at 3-6 year olds, this show attempts to teach natural history and life science to kids. To make it appealing to the little people PBS uses things they like such as dinosaurs and trains.  These things make it fun and keep them interested in what is going on.  It encourages kids to ask questions and become curious.

Episode 1: Valley of the Stygimolochs: Buddy begins to wonder if he will get horns when he is older.  His mother, Mrs. Pteranodon, brings him to visit a group of dinosaurs called Stygimoloch because they really have large horns.

Episode 2: I’m a T-Rex!: Heading over to Rexville, Buddy travels there on the Dinosaur Train and on it he meets Delores Tyrannosaurus and her daughter Annie. After seeing the similarities between them and himself, Buddy soon realizes that he is a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Episode 3: One Smart Dinosaur: Tiny and Buddy are taken by Mrs. Pteranodon to see a Microraptor named Mikey. Microraptors were one of the smallest dinosaurs ever.  Tiny is upset that Mikey is smaller than she is while Mikey looks up to Tiny.

Episode 4: Surprise Party: Don, Tiny and Shiny host a surprise party for Buddy that is to take place on the Dinosaur Train.  They invite a whole lot of friends.

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