I had to double check it but apparently NCIS is television’s top rated scripted drama. I couldn’t believe it either as I know no one who watches this show. NCIS or the Naval Crime Investigation Service is headed by Special Agent Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) and it investigates cases with Navy or Marine ties. This invariably leads to them working on cases that deal with murder, terrorism, espionage or any other hi jinx on the high seas. Besides some action and drama, twists and turns you also get some humour which is welcomed watching all the death and destruction that goes on here.

Episode 1: Truth or Consequences: The team is still trying to deal with an unresolved past and finding Ziva’s (played by Cote de Pablo) replacement.

Episode 2: Reunion: Gibbs has to deal with his own past while investigating the murder of a Marine and his two friends.

Episode 3: The Inside Man: A blogger who in the past had accused NCIS of a cover up turns up dead.

Episode 4: Good Cop, Bad Cop: A case that they are working on turns out to be tricky as the deceased has a link to Ziva.

Episode 5: Code of Conduct: On Halloween the body of a Marine who was known for his practical jokes is found dead.

Episode 6: Outlaws and In-Laws: The bodies of two murdered soldiers are found on one of Gibbs’ boats.

Episode 7: Endgame: An assassin from his past comes back to put Vance (played by Rocky Carroll) and his family’s lives in danger.

Episode 8: Power Down: While the entire city is suffering under a blackout the body of a Lieutenant is found.

Episode 9: Child’s Play: The NCIS team is protecting the life of a 12-year-old who they think will be the next victim of a killer targeting child prodigies.

Episode 10: Faith: The team feels they might have a hate crime on their hands with the death of a reverend’s Marine son.

Episode 11: Ignition: While working on their latest case the team has to contend with an attourney who has a grudge against Gibbs.

Episode 12: Flesh and Blood: Gibbs begins to doubt Tony’s (played by Michael Weatherly) ability to do his job when the latest case involves his father.

Episode 13: Jet Lag: Tony and Ziva are bringing a witness back on a plane from Paris when they realize that an assassin is on the same flight as them.

Episode 14: Masquerade: The team has to stop a terrorist group from detonating a bomb.

Episode 15: Jack-Knife: NCIS teams up with the FBI on their latest case involving a shipping company with dubious practices.

Episode 16: Mother’s Day: His past once again comes back to haunt him when Gibbs’s mother-in-law is the witness to a murder.

Episode 17: Double Identity: Surprises surface when the team is investigating a murder.

Episode 18: Jurisdiction: A Navy diver is found dead after searching for some lost treasure.

Episode 19: Guilty Pleasure: The team has to use the help of Holly Snow (played by Dina Meyer) on their latest murder case.

Episode 20: Moonlighting: An NCIS polygraphist who works the night shift turns up dead.

Episode 21: Obsession: Tony becomes completely preoccupied with finding the sister of a man who has been murdered.

Episode 22: Borderland: The NCIS team is working to find a serial killer and the case brings with it a few surprises.

Episode 23: Patriot Down: More surprises when the team is investigating the murder of a NCIS co-worker.

Episode 24: Rule Fifty-One: Gibbs has to face his past while he is in Mexico.

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