With each ongoing season of the show it seems to get more popular.  This crime series in its 6th season and it was the most popular one yet.  Special Agent Jethro Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) is the father figure of several younger agents who are in a highly trained division within the United States Navy mandated to investigate suspicious deaths within the Navy.  This season the unit is thrown into chaos when a rookie unit is brought in to replace the veteran one that is disbanded and they discover that one of them is feeding secrets to the enemy.  The tense moments are sprinkled with plenty of humour making it a very appealing package.

Episode 1: Last Man Standing: Gibbs learns that there is a connection between the disbanding of his team and the murder of a petty officer that his new team is investigating.

Episode 2: Agent Afloat: The suicide of a Navy Lieutenant is being investigated when DiNozzo (played by Michael Weatherly) begins to uncover it is part of a much bigger scheme.

Episode 3: Capitol Offense: The NCIS, while working on their latest case, becomes involved in Washington politics.

Episode 4: Heartland: The NCIS team has to travel to Gibbs’ hometown to investigate a murder and some things from his past are revealed.

Episode 5: Nine Lives: Gibbs and the NCIS team are going up against FBI Agent Fornell (played by Joe Spano) yet again in their latest case.

Episode 6: Murder 2.0: While on the hunt for their latest murderer NCIS is left clues as to his next victim online.

Episode 7: Collateral Damage: Gibbs has to deal with a rookie being assigned to his team.

Episode 8: Cloak: While participating in a war game a secret comes to light about one of the team members.

Episode 9: Dagger: Dilemmas arise when the team has to use information for an unverified source in order to prevent the theft of government secrets.

Episode 10: Road Kill: While looking into the death of a petty officer during a car crash his participation in underground street fighting comes to light.

Episode 11: Silent Night: Even though it is Christmas the team has to work to try and locate a suspect that they thought had died 17 years ago.

Episode 12: Caged: The NCIS team has to get to the bottom of the murder of a prison guard and the ensuing riot.

Episode 13: Broken Bird: At a crime scene Ducky (played by David McCallum) is stabbed and secrets from his past come to light.

Episode 14: Love & War: A Captain with a “different” private life is murdered and it is up to NCIS to find out who done it.

Episode 15: Deliverance: The NCIS team gets involved with a gang while investigating their latest murder case.

Episode 16: Bounce: In order to solve an old case that is re-opened, Tony and Gibbs swap places.

Episode 17: South by Southwest: A fellow agent is murdered leading the NCIS team to travel to the desert in search of a woman who might possess the answers they need.

Episode 18: Knockout: Vance (played by Rocky Carroll) turns to the NCIS team when a boxer is killed.

Episode 19: Hide and Seek: An entire family is under investigation when a young member locates a weapon that a murder was committed with.

Episode 20: Dead Reckoning: Trent Kort (played by David Dayan Fisher) returns to help NCIS investigate a brutal murder.

Episode 21: Toxic: Abby (played by Pauley Perrette) has to take over a top secret government mission.

Episode 22: Legend, Part 1: The team goes to Los Angeles in order to work with another team on a murder which soon becomes something bigger.

Episode 23: Legend, Part 2: Gibbs and McGee (played by Sean Murray) are still in Los Angeles to help track a terrorist cell.

Episode 24: Semper Fidelis: The NCIS team has to work with the FBI and ICE on a murder of an ICE agent.

Episode 25: Aliyah: The NCIS team travels to Israel where they get a less than warm welcome from the head of the Mossad.

Special Features:

-Bodies of Work

-Fear: A DVD Exclusive

-Starting with a Bang

-Horsin’ Around

-Season Six: Cruising Along

-Six Degrees of Conversation