Boogieman – Blues Pops & Jazz Smokes

Vancouver’s Jordan Daniel is the self-professed Boogieman.  You might recognize the name if you are a Canadian metal music fan because he was previously the lead singer of The Gorgeous and Barn Burner.  This 13-track album features very simple blues music that is infused with other elements like rawness, raunchiness and groove.  It is the type of album that you might hear played in a smoky barroom, if they exist anywhere anymore, or at a basement party attended by all the cool kids.  It is heavy on the style and a bit lighter on the substance.  The Boogieman’s first full-length album does prod you with a very big stick to get up and dance to the rhythms he is laying down.  Even when the volume is brought down the energy remains there.  The title track, as you might expect, is a standout.

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