Friday Night Lights: Season Five Final Season

For four seasons the day-in-and-day-out occurrences at the high schools in Dillon, Texas have kept us riveted. Football is life in Texas and Texas is football.  But the show is not really about football rather it concerns itself with the people involved. For sports fans and those not in the least bit interested. A family and human drama.

The fifth season is the final one and while watching it I felt like I was say goodbye to longtime friends. There have been some changes on the show with some characters graduating high school and moving away and Coach Taylor (played by Kyle Chandler) and his family moving from the high school in West Dillon to one in East Dillon. More tough choices on and off the football occur.

Episode 1: Expectations: The Taylors are trying to get Julie (played by Aimee Teegarden) ready to leave for college.

Episode 2: On the Outside Looking In: Vince (played by Michael B. Jordan) has to juggle his newfound popularity with the “cheer girls” and his relationship with Jess (played by Jurnee Smollett).

Episode 3: The Right Hand of the Father: Old problems resurface when Vince’s father (played by Cress Williams) gets released on parole.

Episode 4: Keep Looking: Buddy (played by Brad Leland) takes responsibility for his son, Buddy Jr. (played by Jeff Rosick), who has been going astray while living with his mom.

Episode 5: Kingdom: The Lions are getting ready to play their chief rivals, South King, this week while Coach Taylor is helping Vince deal with the swarm of college recruiters that have descended upon him.

Episode 6: Swerve: Eric and Tami (played by Connie Britton) try their best to convince Julie to go back to school after she is ostracized due to an indiscretion.

Episode 7: Perfect Record: East Dillon faces off against their bitter rivals from West Dillon on the same week that a website reveals some unsavoury things from the pasts of some of the Lion players.

Episode 8: Fracture: Tami checks in on the home life of one of the troubled students at school, Epyck (played by Emily Rios).

Episode 9: Gut Check: Coach Taylor threatens to suspend Vince then ends up benching him and so Luke (played by Matt Lauria) has to quickly try to learn how to play quarterback.

Episode 10: Don’t Go: Coach Taylor is offered the chance to coach a college team and Vince is determined to win back his starting position.

Episode 11: The March: The battle for the State Championship starts and Coach Taylor is preoccupied with proposed budget cuts.

Episode 12: Texas Whatever: The future of the football program at East Dillon is in doubt and Coach Taylor has to make a decision about his own future.

Episode 13: Always: Each member of the Taylor family is seemingly going down a different road as the Lions prepare to play their final game.

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