The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer

Right off the hop I recommend that parents watch this one before letting their kids watch it.  I found it quite scary in parts, so you do want to evaluate before you pop this one on.  The scariness factor is amplified by the fact that the animation is not very well done.  Especially compared to the standards we are used to today. The story is a bunch of random things just thrown together with awful dialogue backing (or not) it up. The first 30 minutes of the film were quite painful and then it only became better because I grew numb.

Dolphin Daniel Alexander Dolphin is a young dolphin with big dreams. The problem with that is that the world he lives in dreaming is frowned upon. In order to fulfill what he believes is his destiny, Daniel leaves the safety of his pod and ventures out into the wide blue ocean.

Even a child couldn’t possibly be entertained by this drivel. They can even recognize the poor quality here.  Insulting to small people!  Don’t waste your time!

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