Did you ever think that you would watch a television show and root for a serial killer?  If that ever were to happen then Dexter Morgan (played by Michael C. Hall) would be that serial killer. You really see him as a product of witnessing his mother’s bloody murder at the age of three.  He can’t be to blame for what that made him. Despite the fact that he has a large urge to kill he funnels it towards something good. If you could ever think of murder as good. Dexter kills only those who have also killed and gotten away with it. It is almost as if he is a vigilante.

The show and its odd premise only work because it is done from A to Z with skill. The stories are gripping and sometimes funny, the acting is great and the city of Miami is a great backdrop, what with all the water to hide the bodies.

Episode 1: Dexter: Dexter Morgan works for the Miami police department as a blood spatter expert. In his free time he is a serial killer who kills serial killers.

Episode 2: Crocodile: A serial killer who is terrorizing Miama and has been dubbed The Ice Truck Killer knows who and what Dexter is and starts playing cat and mouse with him.

Episode 3: Popping Cherry: The Ice Truck Killer and his latest victim, a hooker he killed a diced up then place in a local hockey rink, get in Dexter’s way as he tries to go about ridding Miami of killers.

Episode 4: Let’s Give the Boy a Hand: The Ice Truck Killer is leaving pictures from Dexter’s childhood as clues to his next victims.

Episode 5: Love American Style: While everyone is concentrated on catching the Ice Truck Killer, Dexter is learning about being in a relationship and what that takes.

Episode 6: Return to Sender: A boy is thought to maybe have witnessed the Ice Truck Killer but what Dexter is really worried about is that he saw him.

Episode 7: Circle of Friends: The police believe that they have captured the Ice Truck Killer but Dexter is not convinced.

Episode 8: Shrink Wrap: While taking care of his latest target, Dexter remembers some shocking things about his past.

Episode 9: Father Knows Best: Dexter finds out that his biological father has recently passed away and he has been named as his sole heir.

Episode 10: Seeing Red: Paul (played by Mark Pellegrino) sues Rita (played Julie Benz) for sole custody of Astor (played by Christina Robinson) and Cody (played by Daniel Goldman) while the Ice Truck Killer strikes again.

Episode 11: Truth Be Told: The Ice Truck Killer takes someone Dexter cares about hostage.

Episode 12: Born Free: Paul tries to tell Rita that she and the kids are not safe with Dexter and Dexter races against the clock to try and locate Debra (played by Jennifer Carpenter)

Special Features: The Academy of Blood – A Killer Course, Witnessed in Blood – A True Murder Investigation, The First Two Chapters of Dexter Novel “Dexter in the Dark”