There has always been that argument that sports figures make too much money. Are they overpaid for what they do? That is debatable. What is not debatable is that once they make it to the big paychecks they certainly know how to spend their money architecturally. Most of these guys (and it still is the men that make the most money other than a few exceptions) have great, huge, opulent houses. When you make a lot of money big ticket purchases are the norm. It is not just athletes who have luxurious houses as actors and musicians also like their mansions. For us we can just look upon these homes with envy.

Here is my list of the most lavish homes in sport in no particular order:

  1. 1) Joe Montana: One of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL also has one of the greatest houses. Worth $49 million, the house is in California’s wine country.  It contains a horse barn, a bell tower, a 16th century marble bathtub, a gym, swimming pool, basketball court, a pond, and – get this – a skeetshooting range. How much money does this guy have??
  1. 2) Tiger Woods: While Tiger hasn’t had a great time of it lately that does not mean that the man has to live in a two bedroom rented apartment either. He can still escape from the harsh realities of the real world in his $50 million estate in Florida. Before he even moved in the perfectionist had $15 million of renovations done. Of course his house includes a tee box and 4 different putting greens. The house also has a glass-covered walkway, a 6,400 square foot gym and an elevator.
  1. 3) LeBron James: King James signed with the Miami Heat in the offseason and now owns a house in the South Beach area. The house certainly is fit for a king. The specific area he lives in is called Coral Gables and his two storey house contains 11 bathrooms and a 12 camera security system.
  1. 4) Michael Jordan: He is not longer the king of the NBA but he is certainly the king of an impressive castle. His house in Jupiter, Florida is a stunner. He recently bought a “The Bears Club” property for $12.4 million. “The Bears Club” is a community designed by famous golfer Jack Nicklaus. Very exclusive. The house, which is on a golf course, features 11 bedrooms, a basketball court and a full media center.
  1. 5) Derek Jeter: The captain and shortstop of the New York Yankees has always dated hotties (his latest is Minka Kelly) and lived in great digs. Presently he calls a $20 million condo home. It has 5 ½ bathrooms, an escape pod (don’t ask!), and a state of the art sound/video system. He has recently put this condo up for sale and since it is on the 88th floor of a Trump building I’m sure someone will take it off his hands.
  1. 6) David Beckham: Everything about Becks is fashionable so it is no wonder that his houses are also impressive.  The house that he and Victoria own in London is called Beckingham Palace.  He also owns one of the private islands off Dubai.  Now that he is a member of the Los Angeles Galaxy he and his whole brood are living in L.A. Their home has nine bathrooms (to be fair there are 5 of them with one more on the way), six fireplaces, a massive swimming pool, and a fountain. The house is valued at $22 million. The only negative I can see is that they have Tom Cruise as a neighbor.
  1. 7) Carmelo Anthony: Before he was traded to the New York Knicks, Carmelo Anthony played for the Denver Nuggets.  His house in Denver was as impressive as his game. The massive house includes a 5,000 bottle wine cellar, marble columns, an impressive swimming pool, a recording studio, and sits on 6 acres of land. There really is no place like home! I’m wondering what he will move into in New York.
  1. 8) Shaquille O’Neal: The big man recently announced his retirement after 19 seasons in the NBA. However, retirement will be all that much easier living in a house like the one he owns in Miami Beach. It is a big house, 16,900 square feet, for a big man. The house has 9 bathrooms, a 6 car garage, a pool, racquetball court, and an indoor gym.
  1. 9) Kobe Bryant: He plays for the Los Angeles Lakers and lives in Orange County. A winner of 5 NBA titles he has a salary that matches his on court accomplishments and a house that matches his salary. I guess the 16,000 square foot home wasn’t enough space for him as he also has a 2,000 square foot guest house. Just so it doesn’t get cramped when he and his wife have guests over. The main house has 13 ½ bathrooms, a tropical garden and a movie theatre.

10)  Tom Brady: He plays quarterback for the perennial contenders, the New England Patriots, and is married to one of the biggest supermodels in the world. Does a guy need anything else? Apparently a big house. He and Gisele built a massive 22,000 square foot home in California. Not a bad place to spend your offseason! The house has a nursery, lagoon pool, weight and cardio room, and everything else you could think of.