You get the opportunity to saddle up and ride with Cowgirl Dora and Boots on a fun adventure in the Wild West. French track now included.

Episode 1: Pinto, the Pony Express: Cowgirl Dora and Cowboy Boots need your help to ride Pinto the Pony across the Wild West in order to deliver her cowboy cookies. Along the way you have to keep your eyes peeled for Swiper.

Episode 2: A Letter for Swiper: Special Delivery Bird breaks her glasses and needs you, Dora and Boots to deliver her letters to all including Swiper.

Episode 3: Choo-Choo: Azul the Little Blue Train requires the help of Dora and Boots in order to win a whistle in the Big Train Race. You have to help Dora and Boots help Azul get through a tunnel, over a mountain and past Swiper.

Episode 4: Hic-Boom-Ohhh!: Do you hear that mysterious sound? You have to help Dora and Boots cross the Noisy River and tiptoe through the Quiet Forest all the while keeping your eyes open for Swiper.