As season four of NCIS was a season that left viewers with plenty of mysteries and ensuing questions, season five then had to provide some answers.  But fans will also have to deal with the death of a major character this season and other changes that will affect the show’s direction.  Tune in and stay tuned.

Episode 1: Bury Your Dead: NCIS is on the hunt for Le Grenouille and it turns out to have a high cost.

Episode 2: Family: The death of a Petty Officer turns into the search for a missing child.

Episode 3: Ex-File: One of the witnesses in a murder case the team is working on turns out to be one of Gibbs’ (played by Mark Harmon) ex-wives.

Episode 4: Identity Crisis: Ducky (played by David McCallum) discovers that a cadaver is actually the victim of a murder and is labeled a genius.

Episode 5: Leap Of Faith: The NCIS team has to stop a naval officer from committing suicide by jumping from the top of a building.

Episode 6: Chimera: While working on an abandoned naval ship the NCIS team stumbles upon something that puts their lives at risk.

Episode 7: Requiem: Gibbs has a hard time with a case that is linked to the friend of his daughter, who was killed a few years before.

Episode 8: Designated Target: The team is investigating a Navy Rear Admiral and the case takes an unexpected turn.

Episode 9: Lost & Found: The NCIS team finds itself having to babysit the 9-year-old son of a missing man.

Episode 10: Corporal Punishment: Having to track down a delusion former Marine who still believes he is in Iraq reveals some secrets to the NCIS team.

Episode 11: Tribes: Ducky refuses to perform an autopsy on a Muslim Marine who was murdered so the NCIS team has to try and get permission from his father.

Episode 12: Stakeout: There is going to be an attempted theft of a naval radar system so the NCIS team is on stakeout duty.

Episode 13: Dog Tags: A Navy dog handler is found murdered and it might be by his dog.

Episode 14: Internal Affairs: The body of Le Grenouille surfaces and Jenny (played by Lauren Holly) is the prime suspect.

Episode 15: In the Zone: A mortar attack becomes murder and the NCIS team is sent to Baghdad to investigate.

Episode 16: Recoil: Ziva’s (played by Cota de Pablo) life is in danger while on an undercover mission.

Episode 17: About Face: Palmer’s (played by Brian Dietzen) life is at risk after he is shot at a crime scene.

Episode 18: Judgment Day, Part 1: A former NCIS agent is found dead.

Episode 19: Judgment Day, Part 2: The team must find out who is behind the murder as Gibbs seems to be the next target.