Melrose Place: Sixth Season – Volume 1

Cheating, stealing, back-stabbing and bed-hopping are the name of the game with the residents of this Los Angeles area apartment complex. The series stars Alyssa Milano, Heather Locklear, Rob Estes, Lisa Rinna, Andrew Shue, and Jack Wagner and was a spin off of Beverly Hills 90210.

Episode 1: A Brand New Day: Craig (played by David Charvet) blames Samantha (played by Brooke Langton) for the car accident that led to the deaths of Sydney and her father.

Episode 2: The Trojan Stork: Dr. Brett Cooper (played by Linden Ashby) moves into Matt’s empty apartment as Taylor (played by Lisa Rinna) is trying her best to get Kyle (played by Rob Estes) back.

Episode 3: No Time For Sperm Banks: Taylor wants Michael (played by Thomas Calabro) to “help” her get pregnant and Megan (played by Kelly Rutherford) wants to do some couples therapy.

Episode 4: The Doctor is in…Deep: Cooper’s ex-wife Lexi (played by Jamie Luner) arrives in town and wants her alimony.

Episode 5: Desperately Seeking Samantha: Amanda (played by Heather Locklear) celebrates the opening of her advertising firm.

Episode 6: The Light at the End of the Tumble: Peter (played by Jack Wagner) uncovers Cooper’s connection to Kimberly and his grudge against Michael.

Episode 7: Secrets and Wives: Taylor continues trying to play Amanda and Kyle against one another.

Episode 8: A Shot in the Dark: Eric (played by Jeffrey Nordling) is obsessed with Amanda and to get back at her closes Kyle’s jazz club.

Episode 9: Attack of the Scalpel Woman: Megan is stabbed after she discovers who has been trying to kill Michael.

Episode 10: My Little Coma Girl: Cooper sits vigil beside a comatose Megan’s hospital bed.

Episode 11: Everybody Comes to Kyle: Billy and Samantha are honeymooning in Hawaii.

Episode 12: A Bump in the Night: Jennifer (played by Alyssa Milano) discovers that Lexi committed a hit and run.

Episode 13: A Tree Talks in Melrose: Jennifer blackmails Lexi which leads to Lexi almost overdosing on pills and Samantha does not believe Billy (played by Andrew Shue) when he claims that Connie (played by Megan Ward) made a pass at him.

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