An Affair to Remember – Blu-ray Edition

You’ll need your box of Kleenex close to you for this one.  No matter how hard hearted you are this is guaranteed to get to you.  Really in truly so sad.  A classic film.  One of the best romances ever told onscreen.

Nickie (Cary Grant – Notorious, North By Northwest) and Terry (Deborah Kerr – The King and I, From Here to Eternity) are both engaged to other people.  But that doesn’t matter much when they meet aboard an ocean liner.  They very quickly fall deeply and madly in love with one another.

After some debate and thought, the two realize that they cannot go through with their marriages while they feel this strongly about one another.  It would be a sham.  Doomed for failure.  So they come up with a plan to test the strength of their feelings for one another and if they still feel as strongly for one another in six months they will end their engagements meet atop the Empire State Building in New York.

Nickie is there six months later, but Terry is not.  He believes that she must have gone ahead with her marriage.  He could not, however and tragically, be further from the truth.  The question becomes whether Nickie will ever discover what kept Terry from meeting him?

Originally released in 1957 this was a remake of the 1939 film Love Affair.  The reason why it is considered a classic of the romantic genre is that it has everything required.  The two leads have great chemistry, they are both nice to look at, there are impediments placed in their way keeping them apart, the dialogue is wonderful, the scenery (New York and Italy) is fantastic, and there is a tragedy.  Some may find it overly sentimental and corny, but to those I say, “Bah, humbug!!”

Romance really depends on its two leads and in that regard the film has actors that were born to make films like this.  Cary Grant is charming, handsome and sophisticated.  Deborah Kerr is beautiful, graceful and very lady-like.  Together they make a wonderful couple.  Some of the scenes between the two will make you laugh while others will just take your breath away due to the romance of it all.

Director Leo McCarey (Duck Soup, The Bells of St. Mary’s) should be given a large amount of praise for the way the film turned out.  He does a marvelous job keeping the tension in the mystery until the very end and wringing every last bit of emotion (without crossing the line) out of it.  Fantastic piece of filmmaking.

Special Features:

-Affair to Remember: Deborah Kerr

-Affair to Remember: Cary Grant

-A Producer to Remember: Jerry Wald

-Directed by Leo McCarey

-The Look of An Affair to Remember

-AMC Backstory: An Affair to Remember

-Fox Movietone News: An Affair to Remember Shipboard Premiere Attracts Celebrities


-24-Page Collectible Book Packaging

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