White Collar: The Complete Second Season

Filled with mysterious twists and turns, White Collar is the type of television show that hooks in you in right from the beginning.  You are constantly questioning “Is that…?”  Or uttering things like “Wait a minute!” The invitation is always open to try and figure things out and use your imagination.  Then there is also sex, comedy and danger thrown in to make this a really interesting stew of TV watching.

Episode 1: Withdrawal: Neal’s (played by Matthew Bomer) deal with the FBI and Peter’s (played by Tim DeKay) job are both hanging by a thread.

Episode 2: Need to Know: Neal goes undercover to bring down a corrupt state senator.

Episode 3: Copycat Caffrey: Neal’s friend (played by Gloria Votsis) needs his help as there is a price on her head due to a music box.

Episode 4: By the Book: Mozzie (played by Willie Garson) turns to Neal and Peter for help when he believes a friend of his has been kidnapped.

Episode 5: Unfinished Business: Neal and Peter try to figure out why a big player in the real estate market has put a price on the head of an insurance investigator (played by Hilarie Burton).

Episode 6: In the Red: Neal and Peter have to go undercover in the world of high-stakes gambling.

Episode 7: Prisoner’s Dilemma: Peter believes that an agent being accused of corruption is innocent and runs off with a suspect to protect him.

Episode 8: Company Man: The head researcher of a tech company is murdered and Neal and Peter investigate the death.

Episode 9: Point Blank: Neal sets up a con in order to flush out Kate’s killer.

Episode 10: Burke’s Seven: Mozzie is nearly killed causing Neal to use his contacts to try and locate the killer.

Episode 11: Forging Bonds: Peter uncovers that there is a connection between Neal and the person who killed Kate (played by Alexandra Daddario).

Episode 12: What Happens in Burma…: In Burma, the son of a diplomat is accused of a crime he didn’t commit. It is up to Neal and Peter to free him.

Episode 13: Countermeasures: Neal’s landlady June (played by Diahann Caroll) is approached by a man who Neal suspects hasn’t given up his criminal ways.

Episode 14: Payback: Neal’s rival, Matthew Keller (played by Ross McCall), who is in prison, approaches Neal and Peter with a deal.

Episode 15: Power Play: Neal and Peter switch identities while working on their latest case.

Episode 16: Under the Radar: Neal finally has the chance to confront the man who killed Kate.

Special Features: So Here’s the Deal: Anatomy of an Episode, Slick Willie, White Collar Roasts Burn Notice, Burn Notice Roasts White Collar, Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel

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