Sometimes as I’m watching a television series that is aimed at kids I find myself enjoying it more than the target age does.  That is how it is with SpongeBob SquarePants for me.  I giggle like a fool at the silly square sea sponge. Something to be embarrassed about as a 26-year-old adult female? No way! You have to be pretty brilliant in my book if you can write and develop something that appeals to all ages.  It is especially tricky when you attempt that with animation.  A majority of parents or older people tend to roll their eyes at the thought of sitting through one more cartoon aimed at kids. I guarantee you there will be no eye rolling if you watch SpongeBob.  Promise.

Episode 1: Home Sweet Pineapple: A slew of very hungry worms are working their way through everything in their path.  Unfortunately SpongeBob’s house is in their path.

Episode 2: Band Geeks: Squidward has a golden opportunity to rub something in the face of his nemesis, Squilliam. He is going to be the musical act at the half time show of the Bubble Bowl.

Episode 3: Sandy, SpongeBob and the Worm: An Alaskan Bull Worm to be precise. And the residents of Bikini Bottom need someone to stop it before it eats the entire town.

Episode 4: Ripped Pants: SpongeBob is thought of as hilarious until he goes a step too far then no one is amused.

Episode 5: Sandy’s Rocket: SpongeBob and Patrick take off in Sandy’s rocket and when they set down they capture all the “aliens”.

Episode 6: Culture Shock: The Krusty Krab is holding its first annual talent show which SpongeBob, by accident of course, steals then saves.

Episode 7: MuscleBob BuffPants: SpongeBob wants a muscular physique. Going about getting one is proving to be more difficult than he anticipated so he takes a shortcut.

Episode 8: Employee of the Month: Krusty Krab’s Employee of the Month is never a competition as SpongeBob always wins. Squidward is tired of this and puts his mind to winning it.

Special Features: Cast Bios From the Book SpongeBob Exposed!: The Insider’s Guide to SpongeBob SquarePants.