Trying to cash in on the boy band craze and the amount of teenage girls who are devoted to their musical heartthrobs, Nickelodeon has jumped on board with two feet.

Big Time Rush is about four male teenage best friends from Minnesota, who after a series of coincidences and luck become the members of a boy band signed to a record label.  The four friends leave what they know and love in Minnesota, namely hockey, for the bright lights, warm temperatures and dog-eat-dog world of Los Angeles.

As the second half of the first season rolls around they are getting ready for the release of their album and learn very quickly about the up and down nature of the recording industry.

Episode 1: Big Time Blogger: The guys pull out all the stops to prove to Hollywood’s top gossip blogger that they are the real deal.

Episode 2: Big Time Terror: Gustavo’s (played by Stephen Kramer Glickman) mansion gets flooded so he has to move in with the guys.

Episode 3: Big Time Dance: Maybe the guys have bitten off more than they can chew when they agree to host and perform at the end of the year party.

Episode 4: Big Time Sparks: Jordin Sparks is staying at the Palm Woods but the guys meeting with her ends up with Jordin down a wishing well.

Episode 5: Big Time Fever: Kendall (played by Kendall Schmidt) has to figure out how to cure Carlos (played by Carlos Pena), James (played by James Maslow) and Logan (played by Logan Henderson) of Hollywood Fever.

Episode 6: Big Time Video: Gustavo says no after the guys promise a role in their new video to Camille (played by Erin Sanders) and a bunch of other people.

Big Time Concert (TV Movie): Griffin (played by Matt Riedy) tells the guys that their album launch and big concert have both been cancelled. The guys travel back to Minnesota. Meanwhile, Gustavo tries to come up with something that will save the band.

Special Features: House of Anubis Pilot Episode, Behind-the-Scenes