Laura Linney won the 2010 Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama series for her performance in this series and for this season.  She plays 42-year-old schoolteacher Cathy Jamison who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  This is a woman who has always done things by the book.  After the diagnosis life changes…for everyone involved.

Episode 1: Pilot: Cathy (played by Laura Linney) is floored by the diagnosis that she has a terminal form of cancer and after getting over the shock of it decides to change the way she has been living her life.

Episode 2: Summertime: Dr. Todd (played by Reid Scott) tells Cathy that she doesn’t have much time left and she reacts to that by keeping her son Adam (played by Gabriel Basso) home from soccer camp.

Episode 3: There’s No C in Team: Cathy tries to avoid Paul’s (played by Oliver Platt) pleas to get back together and her cancer support group’s effort to keep her coming.

Episode 4: Playing the Cancer Car: Paul starts playing rugby again and Cathy buys a sports car.

Episode 5: Blue-Eyed Iris: Sean (played by John Benjamin Hickey) gets a new suit – a “new” suit that used to be Marlene’s (played by Phyllis Somerville) dead husband’s.

Episode 6: Taking Lumps: A new lump indicates that Cathy’s cancer is getting worse.

Episode 7: Two For the Road: Cathy talks Sean into taking a trip with her to surprise their Dad for his birthday.

Episode 8: Happy Birthday, Cancer: Paul throws a surprise 43rd birthday party for Cathy.

Episode 9: The Ecstasy and the Agony: Paul sees Cathy sleeping with Lenny (played by Idris Elba) he tells her he wants a divorce.

Episode 10: Divine Intervention: Cathy finally tells Paul that she has cancer.

Episode 11: New Beginnings: Adam meets a girl and the way Paul is behaving makes Cathy decide to look for a cure.

Episode 12: Everything That Rises Must Converge: Cathy and Dr. Todd drive to Canada to try an alternative bee venom treatment.

Episode 13: Taking the Plunge: After he finds out that he is going to become a father, Sean decides to change the way he lives.

Special Features: Complex Characters, A Sit-Down with Gabourey Sidibe, A Sit-Down with Laura Linney, Episode Selections, A Sit-Down with Reid Scott, A Sit-Down with Phyllis Somerville, A Sit-Down with John Benjamin Hickey, Outtakes, A Sit-Down with Gabriel Basso, A Sit-Down with Oliver Platt