Some see this animated series as just fluff and that is wrong.  Yes, it can be silly but if you sit there and watch a few episodes then you will realize that there is plenty of good writing in it as well.  Give it a chance.

Episode 1: Mermaid man + Barnacleboy III: The evil Man-ray is set free by Patrick and SpongeBob.

Episode 2: Big Pink Loser: Patrick finds himself obsessed with his role model – SpongeBob.

Episode 3: Opposite Day: In the hopes of getting Patrick and SpongeBob to act more normal, Squidward declares it Opposite Day.

Episode 4: Squirrel Jokes: When he starts telling mean squirrel jokes is when SpongeBob’s popularity starts taking off.

Episode 5: Rock a Bye Bi-Value: A baby scallop gets Patrick and SpongeBob as its parents.

Episode 6: Dumped: The snail that SpongeBob loves more than any other in the world, Gary, leaves him for Patrick.

Episode 7: Bossy Boots: Pearl begins working at the Krusty Krab and it is not a good thing.

Episode 8: The Bully: Flats the Flounder is a new student and he loves to pick on SpongeBob.

Episode 9: Sleepy Time: Suddenly SpongeBob is able to enter the dreams of others.

Episode 10: Squidville: He’s had it up to here living in between Patrick and SpongeBob so Squidward moves to a town where the residents are all like him.

Special Features: Storyboard, Behind the Scenes