Another The Backyardigans DVD re-released with a French track included.  This one has some scary bad guys so might be better suited for ages 5 and up.

Episode 1: Escape From Fairytale Village: Paperboy Tyrone finds himself having to run through Fairytale Village after meeting some of his new customers like Austin the Wolf, Uniqua the Witch and Pablo the Giant.

Episode 2: Front Page News: Tasha attempts to take pictures of the superheroes of Bigopolis doing battle against a giant robot.

Episode 3: Le Master of Disguise: Inspector Austin is on the tail of Le Master of Disguise Pablo amidst the passengers on the Orient Express.

Episode 4: Pirate Camp: Uniqua and Pablo go to Pirate Camp and learn under one of the best in the biz, Captain Austin.

Special Features: “Front Page News” Music Video, “Le Master of Disguise” Music Video