Comedian Louis C.K. is a man of few boundaries.  He is willing to go anywhere in his comedy.  In this television series he is a middle-aged, divorced, single father who is trying to raise two young daughters.  Trying to deal with dating again at his age, bullies, play dates, and indecent proposals provides his with plenty of material for his stand up act.

Episode 1: Pilot: Louie goes with his daughter on her class field trip but the bus ends up getting stranded in Harlem.

Episode 2: Poker/Divorce: After his divorce becomes final Louie decides to look up a woman he knew in high school.

Episode 3: Dr. Ben/Nick: Louie sees a doctor who makes fun of everything about him.

Episode 4: So Old/Playdate: At a playdate with his kids Louie gets an odd compliment from a woman.

Episode 5: Travel Day/South: Louie goes on a date.

Episode 6: Heckler/Cop Movie: Louie gets a part in a movie.

Episode 7: Double Date/Mom: Louie feels awkward to say the least when his brother (played by Robert Kelly) asks him to participate in a threesome with him.

Episode 8: Dogpound: Louie is having some problems with his neighbour’s dog.

Episode 9: Bully: While on a date Louie does not know how to deal with a high school kid who is bullying him.

Episode 10: Dentist/Tarese: Louie goes to see the dentist (played by Stephen Root) who himself is afraid of dentists.

Episode 11: God: A flashback to Louie as a child going to Catholic school and learning about Jesus.

Episode 12: Gym: Louie is trying to get in shape so he joins a gym.

Episode 13: Night Out: Louie goes out for a night out and it doesn’t go so well.

Special Features: Deleted and Extended Scenes, Fox Movie Channel Presents: Louie – Writer’s Draft