Back in the day this show was a Golden Globe winner for Best Television Series – Drama.  The crime series features Joe Mannix (played by Mike Connors), a private cop who will stop at nothing to get at the truth.  Mannix is aided towards that end by Emmy Award winner Gail Fisher, who plays his secretary Peggy Fair,  Peggy uses her multitude of contacts to help Mannix solve his cases.

Episode 1: Dark So Early, Dark So Long: Mannix’s high school friend Leslie (Rosemary Forsyth) is in trouble as the police are accusing her of murder.

Episode 2: Cold Trail: While on a ski trip Mannix helps a girl escape from potential kidnappers.

Episode 3: A Step in Time: While taking a jog on the beach Mannix sees a girl trying to get away from two men.

Episode 4: Wine From These Grapes: Mannix goes back to his hometown of Summer Grove to visit with his father and help a loved vineyard worker accused of murder.

Episode 5: Woman in the Shadows: Mannix is not sure if he should believe a Russian woman who claims that her life is in danger because of the rare manuscript she owns.

Episode 6: Days Beyond, Recall: A writer, thought to be dead is actually alive and barely getting by on skid row. Mannix believes that the reason for this is that he witnessed a murder.

Episode 7: Run ‘Till Dark: A group of kids hires Joe to find their missing baseball coach.

Episode 8: The Glass Trap: A drug dealer that Joe has been after for years is now accused of murdering a cop.

Episode 9: A Choice of Evils: Mannix’s secretary is kidnapped in order to get him to work for a rocketeer who believe his has a mole in his company.

Episode 10: A Button for General D: Joe’s friend Monty (played by Hal Lynch) is killed in a stand off against the police and his last words don’t really make any sense.

Episode 11: The Man Outside: Mannix undertakes negotiations for an army general being blackmailed by a photographer.

Episode 12: Murder Times Three: Peggy tells Mannix that three of his clients have just fired him and he tries to figure out why.

Episode 13: Catspaw: A friend of Mannix’s is murdered but he sent Joe a letter before being killed.

Episode 14: To Save a Dead Man: Joe starts working on an old case involving a dying man who made a confession to a nun.

Episode 15: Nightshade: Television comedian Danny Brite (played by Milton Berle) is being blackmailed over some photographs of his son, a soldier in Vietnam.

Episode 16: Babe in the Woods: An engineer is killed and the construction plans he hid cannot be found, so his boss hires Joe to find them.

Episode 17: The Sound of Murder: A disappeared businessman from Cleveland, a beautiful Brit and tape recording all make up Mannix’s latest case.

Episode 18: Moving Target: A toy maker hires Mannix after his life is threatened and he comes up with an odd array of potential suspects.

Episode 19: Cry Pigeon: After a mobster’s son is killed, Mannix refuses to tell him what his son and Mannix’s meeting just before his death was about.

Episode 20: A Walk in the Shadows: A man who caught his wife on a yacht with another man and then she is suddenly killed hires Mannix to find out who killed her.

Episode 21: Lifeline: A friend of Peggy’s who is a nightclub singer goes into hiding to protect a secret she is hiding.

Episode 22: To Draw the Lightning: Mannix has to prove that a cop who killed the man who killed his partner was in the right.

Episode 23: Scapegoat: Mannix is hired to bring $8 million in diamonds from London to the U.S., but a wrench is thrown into it when he is kidnapped by his client.

Episode 24: Death is the Fifth Gear: Mannix gets into a race car accident and ends up in a psychiatric clinic, where he is drugged.  After his escape he is the prime suspect in the death of a nurse.