Team Umizoomi

Nickelodeon brings kids a television series that teaches kids that numbers can be fun.  Milli, Geo and Bot are heroes.  Math heroes.  They use their math powers to help all the people in Umi City.

Episode 1: The Rolling Toy Parade: So he can lead the Rolling Toy Parade Team Umizoomi helps Nick fix his toy lion.

Episode 2: Kite Festival: Jeannie’s kite is scattered in pieces when a strong wind comes through Umi City and so she will need Team Umizoomi’s help collecting all the pieces.

Episode 3: The Legend of the Blue Mermaid: Squiddly the Squid has captured the Blue Mermaid and so it is up to Team Unisom to follow the trail of blue scales she has left leading them to Squiddly’s sand castle.

Episode 4: Wild West Toy Train Show: Ethan loses his golden ticket to the Wild West Toy Train Show and Team Umizoomi needs your math help to try to find it.

Special Features: The Blue Mermaid Shapes Under the Sea Game, Team Umizoomi Videos: Meet Geo, Meet Milli, Meet Bot

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