Knocking off the king is not an easy thing.  That is what Dynasty did in its fifth season on air.  It became the number one show in the U.S. replacing another night time soap about dysfunctional people, Dallas.  The year was 1984/85.  Pamela Sue Martin had left the show after season four so they brought on Ali McGraw, Rock Hudson and Billy Dee Williams.  Plenty of star power.  Sadly this was Rock Hudson’s last acting job.

Episode 1: Disappearance: After a car accident Fallon (played by Pamela Sue Martin) is missing.

Episode 2: The Mortgage: Blake (played by John Forsythe) is forced to take out a mortgage on the mansion.

Episode 3: Fallon: Jeff (played by John James) continues looking for the missing Fallon but soon hears some bad news.

Episode 4: The Rescue: Alexis (played by Joan Collins) is allowed out of prison to attend Fallon’s funeral.

Episode 5: The Trial: Once on the stand, Steven (played by Jack Coleman) has to decide whether to divulge what he saw or to protect his mother, Alexis.

Episode 6: The Verdict: Dominique (played by Diahann Carroll) offers Blake $25 million for his company.

Episode 7: Amanda: Adam (played by Gordon Thompson) and Dex (played by Michael Nader) begin a campaign to prove Alexis’s innocence.

Episode 8: The Secret: Amanda (played by Catherine Oxenberg) begs Alexis to acknowledge that she is her mother and reveal who her father is.

Episode 9: Domestic Intrigue: Blake offers Amanda help in the search for her father.

Episode 10: Krystina: Krystle (played by Linda Evans) goes into premature labour and has a baby girl who suffers from a respiratory problem.

Episode 11: Swept Away: Blake learns that he may be Amanda’s father so he asks her to take a blood test.

Episode 12: The Holiday Spirit: Claudia (played by Pamela Bellwood) admits to Steven that she had an affair with Dead Caldwell (played by ).

Episode 13: The Avenger: Krystle and Daniel (played by Rock Hudson) reconcile.

Episode 14: The Will: Jeff is still determined to find Fallon and gets Nikki’s (played by Susan Scanell) help.

Episode 15: The Treasure: After a night of heavy celebrating, Jeff wakes up to discovered he married Nikki.