Les Doigts de l”Homme – 1910

French quartet Les Doigts de l’Homme delve into the gypsy jazz genre.  Musicians from different backgrounds they joined together out of their mutual love of gypsy jazz.  They use gypsy jazz as the core of their music, but add in some modern pop, New Orleans jazz and swing in.  1910 is an homage to gypsy jazz guitarist/composer Django Reinhardt – 1910 is the year he was born in.  Six of the tracks are interpretations of Reinhardt songs, four are originals written by band member Olivier Kikteff while the rest are covers of American Songbook classics or other artists.  Seventeen tracks in total, the album gives you plenty to listen to.  While listening you will appreciate the range of their music as well as the musicianship on the album.  Kikteff, Yannick Alcocer and Benoit Convert are all guitarists while Tanguy Blum plays the double bass.  They all shine on this release with each possessing the ability to get the most out of their instruments.

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