Sometimes you want to watch you favourite style of television but also want to power down your brain.  If you like espionage and action though you find yourself not really having the energy after a long day to concentrate on an intricate storyline then do yourself a favour and pick up Burn Notice.  This is espionage lite with little brain power required.  It is more about style rather than substance.

Television series about Michael Weston (played by Jeffrey Donovan), a burnt spice, his sidekick Sam (played by Bruce Campbell) and a former flame, Fiona (played by Gabrielle Anwar).  Michael is trying to clear his name and find out who had him burnt.  Along the way he comes up against biker gangs, drug dealers and terrorists.  All in a day’s work for a master spy.

Episode 1: Friends and Enemies: Michael is skeptical when Vaughn (played by Robert Wisdom), one of the men who burnt him, wants to work with him.

Episode 2: Fast Friends: Michael is guilty about ruining Jesse’s (played by Coby Bell) life by having him burnt, so he against the wishes of Sam and Fiona tries to locate and help him.

Episode 3: Made Man: Jesse is staying with Michael’s mom (played by Sharon Gless) while he works with Michael, Fiona and Sam.

Episode 4: Breach of Faith: Fiona and Jesse are in the Bahamas trying to locate the autopsy report on an arms dealer working for the people that burnt Jesse.

Episode 5: Neighborhood Watch: Michael and Fiona are being tailed by a woman, who has plenty of moves.

Episode 6: Entry Point: Michael has Kendra (played by Navi Rawat) in his custody and has to figure out the right way to get the information they need.

Episode 7: Past + Future Tense: Michael, Fiona and Jesse use the fact that an international spy/diplomat conference is being held in South Beach to try to get more info on Jesse’s last case.

Episode 8: Where There’s Smoke: Michael asks his mother to help them rob a bank in order to get a box with information they need.

Episode 9: Center of the Storm: A hurricane is on its way to town while Michael has found a bible book code that used to belong to Simon (played by Garret Dillahunt).

Episode 10: Hard Times: Michael is preparing for his face-to-face with Simon.

Episode 11: Blind Spot: Michael and Jesse offer the bible book code to John Barrett (played by Robert Patrick), CEO of Drake Industry, to flush him out.

Episode 12: Guilty as Charged: The heat is turned up now that Jesse knows Michael burnt him.

Episode 13: Eyes Open: Michael wakes up in a hospital with a gunshot wound.

Episode 14: Hot Property: Michael breaks into Miami Metro Police Headquarters to download information on Walsh.  Still plenty of tension between Jesse and Michael.

Episode 15: Brotherly Love: Jesse and Sam are going to Santo Domingo to try and get the list. Michael is not happy about being on the sidelines. His brother Nate (played by Seth Peterson) is coming in for a visit.

Episode 16: Dead or Alive: Michael has the list of the men that burnt Jesse and Michael. He decides to turn it over to the government.

Episode 17: Out of the Fire: After killing Marv to get his hands on the list, Brennan (played by Jay Karnes) sets up a meeting with Michael.

Episode 18: Last Stand: Michael is now on the run from Vaughn.

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