Is it a sad commentary on television viewers or the state of New Jersey that the seven most recognizable residents after Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen are the housemates on the wild reality television show Jersey Shore?

This is their third season and the pop culture phenomenon goes on.  After a season in Miami they are back on their old stomping grounds, the Jersey Shore.  Back in the old house and back working at the t-shirt shop.

Angelina is gone (again) but stuff that happened in season two is still haunting the house.  The on-again-off-again destructive relationship that is Sammi and Ronnie disrupts the whole house.  And a new guidette is thrown into the mix when Snooki brings her bff Deena to become part of the house.  It will be apparent from the beginning why the two diminutive dynamos are friends.  Like minds thinking and drinking alike.

Episode 1: Back to the Shore: The housemates are back at the Shore and Snooki brings her close friend Deena into the house to replace the departed Angelina.

Episode 2: It’s Gonna be an Interesting Summer: The gang without Ronnie and Sammi head over for their first night at Karma and Pauly D finds himself with a stalker on night one.

Episode 3: Where’s the Beach?: Sammi feels she cannot trust Ronnie and that it is Miami all over again.

Episode 4: Free Snooki: Snooki is released from jail after being arrested for being drunk on the beach and her father is less than thrilled.

Episode 5: Drunk Punch Love: Jwoww deals with the aftermath of her break up with Tom while Nicole’s friend Ryder waits for her back at the house.

Episode 6: Should We Just Break Up?: Ronnie, Jenni and Sammi all make up and start getting along…or do they?

Episode 7: Cabs Are Here: The fighting between Sammi and Ronnie brings Mike into the mix.

Episode 8: The Great Depression: Sammi has left the house and the others, especially Ronnie, have to adjust to life without her.

Episode 9: Kissing Cousins: Ronnie is still messed up, so his father comes to see him.

Episode 10: A Cheesy Situation: Sammi returns to the house and everyone is happy except for Ronnie.

Episode 11: GTF: Gym, Tan, Find Out Who Sammi’s Texting: Mike is left behind once again and he goes a little wild with Jenni’s dogs, while Vinny and Pauly D go Staten Island to visit with Vinny’s family.

Episode 12: A House Divided: It is Deena’s last day at the Shore Store and Ronnie is upset with Sammi after finding out she has been texting a guy.

Episode 13: At the End of the Day: Mike makes sure that the truth about Arvin and Sammi comes out and the housemates have their last Sunday dinner together.

Special Features: After Hours: Free Snooki, After Hours: Cabs Are Here, After Hours: A Cheesy Situation, Reunion Special, Photo Shoot, Extended Scenes, Hook Ups, Confessionals