Limp Bizkit – Gold Cobra

On their sixth studio album Limp Bizkit is joined by Gene Simmons, Lil Wayne and Raekwon amongst others.  Maybe that is a wise idea, surrounding themselves with other big name artists to take some of the focus off themselves, as front man Fred Durst and his silly behaviour has brought a lot of bad feelings and bad publicity onto the band.  Their first couple of albums each sold millions of copies and then…bad behaviour led to a slip.  A big slip in album sales.

Another contributing factor to their decline was when guitarist Wes Borland left the group just after the turn of the century.  He is now back (after returning then leaving again) and this is their first album together in 10 odd years.  Borland is back and so are his big guitar riffs.  Right off the hop you hear them.  If you are a fan then I’m sure you’re saying, “welcome back”. Rap-metal lives on.

Limp Bizkit also has their cockiness and swagger back.  The songs are loud and angry.  Durst and his bandmates are ready to take on all naysayers head on.  It reminds us that rap-metal, who most have sounded the death toll on, still has plenty of life in it.  And it is still a great musical genre when done right.

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