The Client List

Anytime that Jennifer Love Hewitt is attached to a film or television program I start off quite doubtful about the quality of said project.  Not fair, I know, but I’ve been burnt one time too many by the above mentioned three part named actress.  She was fine on the television series Party of Five.  Her sexy little girl thing worked for her back then.  Since then and up to and including Ghost Whisperer her career has been a trip downhill in my books.  Despite all my doubts and biases, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by her performance in this television movie.  It was not a mindblower, but if you find yourself bored on a rainy Sunday afternoon then you might want to watch a film just like this one.

Samantha Horton (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is a small town Texas former beauty queen who has had everything go her way in life.  She has married the former football star that she loves and has three beautiful young children, a baby plus Brady (Valin Shinyei) and Charlie (Olivia Steele-Falconer – Red Riding Hood).  Their lives are thrown into turmoil when Rex (Teddy Sears – A Single Man, Firehouse Dog) hurts his knee and can no longer work as a construction worker.  Rex is not adjusting well to being the fallen football hero.  Sam is the prettiest girl in town and is not used to being poor.

The two go to the bank to try to get a loan, so foreclosure on their house doesn’t happen.  They are denied.  All they get is a month’s extension.  Trouble is looming for the Hortons.

Sam replies to a want ad looking for a licensed massage therapist in another county.  She is hired and is thrilled to be working.  Her job is at the Kind Touch Health Spa.  Once there she realizes that the job is not exactly what she thought.  It involves sexual massages.  Due to the family’s dire financial situation and lack of jobs, Sam decides that she will do what she has to to make money.

Taking on the name Brandy at work she has a little bit of a nervous start then develops quite an aptitude for her job.  She does feel guilty, but brings home good money.  Sam believes that she will quit once they get out of their financial hole.

After she pays the bank back, she gets her daughter braces.  Her family never really questions where all the money she’s making comes from.  Though Rex is not exactly comfortable with Sam being the breadwinner.

With all the hours she is doing at the spa and still trying to be a mother to her kids, Sam is burning the candle at both ends.  She gets more and more tired.  Decides to start taking some drugs to keep her alert and becomes addicted to them.

A young girl working at the spa named Emma (Kacey Rohl – from television’s The Killing) tells the Christian Fellowship what is going on there.  The spa is raided and Sam’s arrested.  Rex sees about the raid on television.  To keep out of jail Sam is going to have to name her prominent clients, which is quite a list.

The Client List was inspired by a true story.  It is silly and has an incredibly implausible ending yet when I watched it that was exactly the light kind of fluffy stuff I was looking for.  Hey, it must have done well enough as there are plans to make a television series out of it.

It was interesting to see Jennifer Love Hewitt in this more sexual role as she usually plays the sweet, good girl.  Playing a young mother who will do anything to save her family she has to do emotions from almost the opening credits and she pulls it off well.  Does the conflicting emotions of being morally against what she is doing, but enjoying the fact that she is good at what she does well.

The film is in no way perfect and often silly.  Even I had to admit that without Love Hewitt it would have been much worse.  Under the right circumstances and situations the film can be entertaining.

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