Beyonce – 4

Twelve tracks filled with statement making pop and R&B tunes, Beyonce’s latest album 4 is a little toned down from her last outing, I Am…Sasha Fierce, but still wants the music-listening portion of population to sit up and take notice of her.  With more confidence and a certain stillness to many of the songs, this is a more mature album with Beyonce bucking the trends and trying to create some of her own.

What will blow most listeners away are her vocals on many of the torch song type songs on 4.  The lady demonstrates to any last doubters that she certainly has a set of pipes.  Plenty of punch; but very few instances of her oversinging or shrieking, as has been the tendency in the past on occasion.  With age comes maturity they say.  While more mature there is still plenty of fun to be had on tracks like the Independent Women redux, “Run the World (Girls)” and the girl-group (missing Destiny’s Child?) fun of “Love on Top”.

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